GATACA joins the European Commission’s Early Adopters Program as the SSI technology provider in the Spanish group

April 12th, 2021

  • The European Commission has launched an Early Adopter Program to support pioneering countries test use cases over EBSI, the European blockchain network
  • SGAD (Secretaria General de Administración Digital), the government body responsible for the digital transformation of public administration and the Spanish representative for EBP, is coordinating this initiative
  • GATACA contributes to the program as a primary SSI technology provider

What is the early adopters program?

First things first! The European Commission’s Early Adopter Program is an initiative comprised of a few European countries eager to become pioneers in implementing EBSI use cases (Academic Diplomas, Self-Sovereign Identity, Notarisation, and Trusted Data Sharing). The earlier players in the Early Adopters Program include Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France:

  • Spain - Self-Sovereign Identity + Academic Diploma
  • Netherlands - Development of a national ID Wallet
  • Germany - Academic Diploma (primary & secondary schools)
  • Austria - Academic Diploma
  • Italy - Academic Diploma
  • France - Notarisation

Nonetheless, other European countries and organizations are already embarking on this journey.

As one can see, the first services being deployed are within the Academic Diploma use case exploiting SSI architectures. Spain, in particular, has chosen to pursue both academic diplomas and self-sovereign identity, and GATACA has joined their project as one of their main technology providers.

What does this mean exactly?

In Spain, three universities will pioneer the issuance of digital Academic Diplomas. The issuance will be performed 100% online, where students will authenticate themselves using a digital ID previously issued by FNMT (the Royal Mint of Spain) and stored in their mobile wallets.

The Spanish representatives of the initiative coordinated by SGAD are FNMT, CRUE (an organization representing 76 universities),, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad Rovira i Virgili and Universidad de Murcia.

The project has entrusted GATACA to provide these participating entities with a full stack SSI technology platform, including an end-user wallet (Gataca Wallet), an enterprise wallet with credential issuing features (Gataca Certify), and credential verification tools for relying parties (Gataca Connect).

In addition to GATACA, Ibermática, a Spanish IT service provider, will provide support for the deployment of EBSI nodes.

Through collaboration amongst all entities, GATACA will integrate its product suite with EBSI and become one of the first fully compatible SSI solutions in the region.

What Early Adopters Program phase is GATACA in right now?

The participants have already agreed on an architecture design and, as soon as the 2nd version of EBSI specifications are released, GATACA will integrate its technology with the European registries.

GATACA wallet has already integrated with an SSI eIDAS bridge, a service to allow credential validation using eIDAS eSeals, and thanks to this program it will become one of the first wallets that is fully compliant with EBSI specs.

Following these developments, GATACA will deploy its technology components in the participant’s infrastructure and connect with the help of Ibermática to the Spanish EBSI nodes.

Interested in following our progress in the Early Adopters Program?

Stay tuned!

Photo by Lara Puscas on Unsplash