The future of e-governance lies in digital identities

Start saving time and money, while improving citizens' day to day lives

SSI technology saves government resources in the credential issuance, sharing, and validation steps and stimulates economic activity by facilitating processes such as opening a bank account, renovating an ID, or even filing taxes.

All your citizen identification needs, covered

ID card

Income tax

Business reg

Social benefits

Grant application

Fine payment

Car registration

Police declaration

Public library

Costly regulation compliance, lack of citizen eID adoption, and identity fraud

The problem

Costly regulation compliance, lack of citizen eID adoption, and identity fraud

Governments worlwide are committed to the digitization of their economy but struggle with citizen eID adoption, the gateway to these services, and high GDPR & KYC regulation compliance costs. This is mainly because current eID systems & processes are long, complex, lack the interoperability, privacy, and security citizens need, and make identity fraud ever more common.

Full stack, self -sovereign identity platform

The solution

Full stack, self -sovereign identity platform

We equip authorities with tools to issue digitized, standardized, and secure government documents such as a national ID, passport, driver’s or business licenses in seconds. These Verifiable Credentials (or VCs) are instantly and securely sent to the citizen’s digital Wallet, where they control who can access their data. Our single sign-on authentication tool enables citizen access to any digital service, from eGovernment to healthcare, using their VCs which drasticly reduces onboarding time and offers instant access to affiliated service providers..

Accelerating economic growth, protecting citizens

Identity fraud reduction

By accepting previously verified credentials, entities guarantee the information received is trustworthy & accurate

Privacy protection

We provide users with control over their personal information, so they feel comfortable using your services

Digital transformation

Our technology enables accessible & sustainable digital transformation and creates seamless digital experiences for your clients

New revenue streams

Diversify your revenue streams through credential issuance models

Accelerating economic growth, 
protecting citizens

Start digitising your economy