Digital Identity

  • ID Wallet
  • 1-click customer onboarding
  • Simple KYC/GDPR compliance
  • Global coverage
  • Biometric-enhanced security
  • Blockchain-enabled trust

Decentralized Identity technology to enable 1-click customer onboarding, KYC compliance and data protection

1-click customer onboarding

Single-sign-on capabilities to provide instant access to preverified users

Portable KYC

Users authenticate with W3C-compliant verifiable credentials signed by Trusted Authorities.

Simple GDPR compliance

Simplest implementation of right to be forgotten, data portability, consent management, and rectification rights.

Easy integration

Integrate Gataca Connect in a few hours and start onboarding new customers

Biometric-enhanced security

Every registration, data sharing consent and login process is confirmed with biometrics.


Trust enabler for global scalability and interoperability

"Gataca is taking a spectacular approach to the digital identity topic"
Top 15 financial institution worldwide

Your key to the digital world

Instead of hundreds of siloed and scattered password-protected identities, each servicing a specific purpose, users can now build a wallet with interoperable identity credentials that they can selectively share to authenticate securely in any digital service worldwide.

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